Facts About Me

Hello People! How frightened it is to shine a light on me, but I feel compelled to share good stuff with you, and I as a get old I am starting to not give a F*ck about a lot of things ! So here is some things you should know about me:

  1. I am a sucker to motivate people.
  2. I am not a wallflower.
  3. I am an entrepreneur … in the works!
  4. I am a romantic at heart.
  5. I was born in Brazil, and immigrated to the USA in 2006.
  6. I am a frustrated interior designer.
  7. I LOVE everything real estate.
  8. I am in my early 30’s
  9. I recently became debt free, home included!
  10. I dropped off college at least 3 times.

What interest me, and compels me to talk about

  • Woman who kick ass
  • Entrepreneurship
  • My Lifestyle
  • Motivation
  • Good People to follow
  • The changing world and economy
  • Real Estate
  • Building Wealth

What you will not hear me talking about

  • Makeup
  • Food
  • Shopping for Cloths
  • … Honestly, there are fabulous woman out there that are already doing an amazing job at it, so I will stick to my guns!



I am from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, I currently live in Fort Lauderdale,FL. I am a real estate agent, wanna be investor. I love sharing knowledge and motivating. I am new to blogging and YouTube, but I can’t wait to share my experience from becoming debt free to how I am building my business and living the life I am passionate about.


Cheers to Empowering Each Other!

Sabrina Carapia