I know, I got that little crazy in me and I LOVE IT!

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3 Baby Steps When Starting a Business

Crazy People Start Businesses

When I talk to people about starting their own business most of the time I get a strange look on their faces. Not sure if they have a disorder or if I said something wrong.

But at this point I think I am the one that got the disorder. I must say that you got to have a little crazy in you when you decide to start a business.

I know, I got that little crazy in me and I LOVE IT!


Designing a Business = Giving Birth

So not sure if you got the idea, but starting a business is like giving birth! You even get to elect an entity, AKA avatar, AKA Corps, AKA LLCs …. I think you get the idea.

But jokes aside every new business usually goes through all the same stages of growth as a new baby would – less the poop, well maybe less crying …. you know what … all of those are included – so yeah, it is appropriate to compare and treat it like a newborn baby!

So lets look through the 3 stages of the baby prisma… Shall we?

1st Stage : Designing your Baby

Forget about alllll the business books …. it all comes down to someone coming back and spending more money on your business or services …. So as I am in the process of designing my new business I keep asking myself:

What do I want my clients to experience?

Assuming you have determined your clientele, I find this question to be the only questions you should pound your brains on it and brainstorm the shit out of it ….. Because …

Good Experience = More Profits

Bad Experience = No Profit

Easy uhm!

Think about it, everything that you want your client to experience will be a step* that you will have to create.

Designing starts in your head and if you act on those ideas you have a high chance of manifesting a business.

*step = marketing tools, customer service process, product, value added service, etc…


2nd Stage : Giving Birth to your Baby

Yay! Congratulations. Now you own a liability, and more hours of your day to something that can be promising, or not!

And as my dear Robert Kiyosaky – Rich Dad, Poor Dad, would say:

You will break at least 5 companies, until you become successful.

Please keep calm, it is not over until you decide it is. So, don’t listen to the voices in your head, they don’t mean well, and they will just get you to procrastinate.

Put the blinkers on and run! Don’t look to the sides, don’t look behind you, just look forward because as you are learning to be profitable, you are gaining more skills than any 9-5 job would ever be able to give you.

And me and Will applaud you for that!


3rd Stage: Nurturing your Baby

This baby phase is all about creating even more. You took an idea in your head and you did not procrastinate about it. So now you are probably  a business owner.

You made it happen, but your number one goal still the people you serve, so be attentive to their needs, and continue to improve their experience by design better systems, better tools, … always striving for better experiences.

Don’t fall in to the wrong thinking that customers should like what you put out there.

Be humble enough to understand your market, and the people you serve, because as much as you own a business, it is not all about you.


Starting a business is a very creative process that requires more than just your organizational skills. It requires …. your creativity! Allow yourself to dream about how you want your business to feel and operate. Write it out. Put your blinkers on and RUN!

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