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How to become DEBT FREE? And how I did It!

Why did I do it?


Alright, this might be an obvious answer, but hear me out!

Since I became self employed I have been waking up, working my ass off ,  paying bills, and “trying” to enjoy life without freaking out about money – I am sure y’all can relate.

AND Because income is so uncertain when you are an entrepreneur, every penny becomes your holy grail.

And as you  keep seeing your holy grail (ca$h) leaving your banking account … I am sure the following words came out of your mouth just like it came from mine ….

F*ck that! Everybody is BANKING ON ME but ME!

So I took responsibility and got to work on my money management skills ! (That sounded smart 😉


What did I do …


Simple, I signed up to a course calle “Financial Peace University” , listened to the man – Dave Ramsey – got uncomfortable, and followed the plan.

In my case, I was blessed to own a home that appreciated in value -but could profit even more only if I renovated – , so here is what I ended up doing:

  • Renovated and sold my first home
  • Used the profits to buy a new home (ca$h), and pay off all my credit cards
  • Cut out all the expenses that were unnecessary, including cutting the credit cards
  • Build a monthly budget and follow it!

Pretty simple, right?

No, it was not simple, it was not easy! It was HELL!!! But I fucking did it …

Believe me it took all of my energy, focus, lots of cry, anxious, and unknown feelings on a daily basis.

But I had a VISION and I believed in it, and that is all I needed to go through with the plan and pain.


How long did it take …


Well lets see …

1 Hour to review my budget and think how I could reduce my expenses

1 second for an aha! moment , and realize that my house was worth a LOT more since I purchased

1 more hour to research alternatives for a replacement home purchase (ca$h please)

and from …

22 of November 2017 to 13 of March 2018 – 3 Months and 19 Fucking Days –

… I renovated, list the house, sold, moved out, lived with a friend, found a new home, purchased, got approved by an association (THE LONGEST PROCESS EVER) , moved my stuff out of storage, and finally moved to the debt free home with a flu and sick as hell.


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Oh! My credit cards were all paid off by than too!

So goal accomplished! (Check!!) Here is the final product of my 14 days renovation!

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And what changed since …


So here is the big take away from my experience doing all of this.

The heaviness of monthly payments got lifted out of my life.

I don’t wake up anymore to just work and survive …

Now I wake up to my desires to build anything that makes me happy.

I now walk lighter and in peace because I know I did the right thing for me.

A Little paradox: You make more money when there is no more debt.


How can you get started …


I highly suggest Dave Ramsey course, it was just simple and to the point for me, but you can make your own decisions once you check it out.

But no doubt you should always start with an excel sheet and list all of your expenses, and start looking at that for starters.

Cut some expenesse out, and redirect the money to pay off your credit cards or any high interest debt.

Start somewhere, and you will see a snowball effect of accomplishments, which will make you feel amazing!




Don’t over complicate the process, because I know you will.

It is basic math, and in the end you deserve to keep your money and live a life that is worth living, and no debt ever created a more pleasurable life. It is always a dark cloud waiting for it to rain in your parade.


Get to work! And let me know how it goes.


  • James Hourihan

    Dear Sabrina,

    I compliment you on achieving your debt free goals.

    My name is James and I have been aware of Dave Ramsey for years. He has a wonderful radio program that tries to teach people responsibility.

    I actually found your post after reading your comments about your inability to find a serious man to share a relationship on Matthew Hussey’s Facebook post.

    I recently moved from Seattle Washington back to the East Coast above New York City in Connecticut for that same similar reason.

    For some reason it just is hard to find anyone who has the same will as I do to be both serious about things that matter; but joyful of the fun and gifts of just living a good life and sharing that experience.

    Dave Ramsey asks for you to become “serious about financial goals”. A personal relationship with another is asking them to become “serious about personal responsibility for commitment”.

    I think the problem in life is that there just are not many serious people left in this world.

    Peace , James Hourihan

  • SC

    Dear James, thank you so much for your kind words! I never thought that anyone would read my mention on that post, but I am glad you did! Life is a funny and fun journey, and all that is left from us is to enjoy it to the best of our abilities, and learn as we go. I just wish there was a manual 🙂

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